Bluing, añil waji, indigo blue powder for bóveda

Bluing, añil waji, indigo blue powder for bóveda

Bluing, añil waji, indigo blue powder for bóveda

This is a bluing powder used worldwide for spiritual and religious purposes and in laundry to make white clothes whiter. It is often used in a basin of water for espiritismo/spiritism misas or masses for mediumship activities such as a conductor of spirits and dispelled of negative energies, especially in white table, misas espirituales, Kardecian spiritism.
A small amount of the blue powder is added to water with a few dashes of Florida Water, Kananga, or Pompeia Lotion to prepare baths and perfumes. This bluing is mixed in a basin of water with perfumes added for washing the flor and preparing baths. Use this añil or laundry bluing to cleanse your living and working spaces.
Bluing powder is also used to decorate Yoruba shrines as the indigo color indicates royalty. Oshe Shango and ere Ibeji - twins statues, are decorated with bluing
Each package is 30 grams or a bit over an ounce. It is imported and used in Yorubaland/Nigeria, Brazil, and Europe. DO NOT INGEST.
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Uáji (em iorubá: waji) ou aroquim (arokin) é um tipo de pó azul, chamado pelo povo de santo de indigo. Resulta da mistura de minerais cuja composição é Sódio, Alumínio e Silicato. Também conhecido como (anil) no Brasil, esse pó azul ou em pedrinha quadrada serve para clarear roupas também. O uaji ou anil serve para limpezas espirituais, banhos e limpezas de ambientes de trabalho etc.
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