When to Wear White?

When to Wear White?

When to Wear White?

Posted on January 6th, 2023

The answer is ALWAYS! Guys and gals, I know you love black; I know it’s slimming, but it is a color that absorbs rather than reflects. Try and wean yourself off of black all the time – start with a light or white colored top; I promise you, you will look chic. Or, if you don’t give it a shoot, go for white and light colors. You do not need to be an iyawo to wear white, and if you are not an iyawo, you have complete flexibility in how you choose to wear white.

I was prompted to write the above because the last few people who have gone for their first reading or to do their first ebo/adimu following a reading have no idea that wearing black is inappropriate to such events (*the exception is when we are told to wear black for a specific ebo). If YOU are about to get your first reading and are nervous, be sure to wear white and adequately covered. You can ask the diviner in advance what is appropriate.

So, if we know that wearing white is good for us – it cocoons us and keeps our spirit and, for lack of a better word – aura – bright, zingy, and cool. Wearing white prevents spirits, death, sickness, and all osogbo at bay. Who wouldn’t want that?! Go out, especially to the likes of TJ MAXX, Ross, etc., and pick yourself up something white. You will thank me.

What are your thoughts? Do you wear white every day, or would you not be caught dead in it? Just be sure that you wear white at the appropriate religious occasions – which is EVERY religious occasion.

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